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Sitting in Empty Room

Why Can’t I Keep my Cup Full?

What is in your cup is for YOU, and the overflow is for others!

We overuse the phrase “You can’t pour from an empty cup”. The question is do you understand why your cup is empty or why you can’t keep your cup full?  Our brains and bodies are not meant to go into overtime! Our bodies are designed to handle stress short term not long term. You will BURNOUT, meaning you will be mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted.


Women struggle with this idea of putting yourself first or prioritizing your self-care. As women, we are programmed to be nurturers and care givers. We often take care of everyone around us before we take care of us. This includes, family, friends, church members, coworkers, or anyone we feel responsible for. We believe that talking care of ourselves is selfish, which is false. We spend a lot of time making sure others are happy, all the while neglecting ourselves.  


Another reason we cannot fill our cup is, we do not know how to fill our cups. We do not know what we need. We do not check in on ourselves, like we check on everyone else. We do not identify or process our emotional or physical needs. We have forgotten what brings us joy or relaxation.


Lastly, we are too busy to schedule time to fill our cups. With careers, running our own businesses, keeping up with the kids, our spouses, pets, PTA meetings, ministry meetings, girls’ nights, planning family dinners and volunteering – who has time to schedule “me” time. All of our competing priorities come before our personal needs.

Now that you understand why your cup is empty. Its your responsibility to fill it up. Filling your cup is the best form of Self Care, it allows to recharge your mental, emotional, physical batteries.

You know one of my favorite ways to fill my cup is Journaling. TFI has a 30-day self-awareness journal, that has guided writing prompts to help you focus. This will help you check in and guide your “Me” time. Click here to Purchase your journal.


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